Comic Draft 1:

Setting - Eastern Jin Dynasty

Zhu Yingtai is a beautiful and intelligent young lady from a wealthy noble Zhu family of Shangyu, Zhejiang. She is the ninth child and is the only female in her family.

The male protagonist, Liang Shanbo is a scholar from Kuaiji, also known as Shaoxing.

Having the desire to study, Yingtai breaks the traditions that prohibits females from going to school by convincing her father to allow her to disguise herself as a young man. She then travels to Hangzhou to attend classes.
On her way to Hangzhou, Yingtai meets Shanbo. Conversation flowed easily and they felt a strong affinity for each other at their first meeting. They decided to take the oath of fraternity in the pavilion of a thatched bridge.
In her four years of schooling, Shanbo and Yingtai shared the same room that only has one bed and two quilts. Yingtai slowly falls in love with Shanbo, though it goes unnoticed by Shanbo even though he is equally smart as Yingtai.
One day, Yingtai receives a letter from her father, requesting her to return home immediately. Yingtai has no choice but to pack up her belongings and bid Shanbo farewell. Having fallen in love with Shanbo, she confessed her love for Shanbo in her heart and promised to be with him for eternity. Before her departure, she reveals her true identity to the headmaster's wife, pleading her to hand over a jade pendant to Shanbo as a betrothal gift.
Shanbo accompanies his 'sworn brother' for 17 miles to see Yingtai off. Throughout the journey, Yingtai dropped several hints to Shanbo of her true identity by making comparisons of themselves to a pair of mandarin ducks. Being ignorant, Shanbo failed to pick up any of the hints. Yingtai then makes a bhold decision to act as a matchmaker for him and her 'sister'. Then they reluctantly part ways at the pavilion where they first met.
Months later, Shanbo visits Yingtai and finds out that she is actually a woman!
Our short comic strip illustrates the exchange between Shanbo and Yingtai when Shanbo finds out that she is betrothed to Ma Wencai, a man from a wealthy family.
After hearing the news, Shanbo is heartbroken. This causes his health to deteriorate until he becomes critically ill and passes away in office later as a country magistrate.
On the day of the marriage between Wencai and Yingtai, mysterious whirlwinds prevented Yingtai to be escorted past Liang Shanbo's grave. Yingtai then leaves the procession to pay her respects to Shanbo. Being deeply in love with Shanbo, she was devastated and was in bitter dispair. She begged heaven to open up the grave. Her wish was fulfilled and with a clap of thunder, the grave opens up. Without further hesitation, Yingtai jumps into the grave. Their spirits turn into a pair of beautiful butterflies and emerge from the grave, never to be separated again.